College Scholarship Application Guidelines

  1. A maximum of three grants will be made to a student earning a Baccalaureate Degree in four years. Students earning an Associate’s Degree are eligible for scholarship funds after completing the equivalent of one year.
  2. An applicant must be a full-time student enrolled in a minimum of 12 quarter or 12 semester hours per term. Special consideration may be given to part-time students.
  3. Students who have completed the equivalent of one year in college are eligible to have their application considered, provided they have a 2.75 accumulative grade point average. A first-time applicant with above sophomore standing must have a 3.0 accumulative grade point average.
  4. Students who have been granted a scholarship must maintain a 3.0 accumulative grade point average to warrant continuation of a scholarship grant.
  5. An applicant must have been a resident of Van Wert, Paulding, or Allen Counties when they graduated from one of the following eligible High Schools:
    • Antwerp Local School
    • Crestview Local Schools
    • Delphos Jefferson
    • Delphos St. Johns
    • Lincolnview Local Schools
    • Parkway Local School – Only Van Wert County Residents Eligible
    • Paulding Local Schools
    • Spencerville Local School – Only Van Wert County Residents Eligible
    • Vantage Career Center
    • Van Wert High School
    • Wayne Trace Local Schools
  6. An applicant who receives a diploma through the General Education Development testing program is eligible for a scholarship provided they attended one of the eligible high schools. Home-schooled students are also eligible as long as residency is within the above-listed school district.

** CHANGE TO PAYMENT PROCESS ** If you are awarded a 2021 Scholarship – it will be awarded up to a set dollar amount (Example: You have been awarded up to $3,000.00). According to our scholarship guidelines, we will only issue scholarship funds to the university that you are attending. Therefore, your scholarship check will be written directly to the university. Before we issue a check directly to the university that you are attending you will be required to submit a bill from the university. You are permitted to submit tuition & fee bills multiple times throughout the year until you have exhausted all of your scholarship awards. Your scholarship award will expire in full on July 1, 2022. After that date, any unused funds will be no longer available to the student.

Scholarship applications accepted May 15 – May 31, 2021.

How It Works:

  1. A Van Wert County Foundation Representative will visit each High School in the spring. At that point, Seniors (and Graduating Juniors) will fill out the required High School Information Form.  The Guidance Counselor will submit the transcripts to The Foundation.
  2. On or after May 1 each year, The Foundation automatically sends an application notification to the address included on the High School Information Form to eligible first-time applicants. If the student has not submitted a High School Registration Form, we have no way to contact them about scholarships. The students may still be eligible for a scholarship but will need to complete the necessary forms from the High School Registration section on our website.
  3. Applications and supporting materials will be accepted beginning May 15 of each year.