The general purpose of The Van Wert County Foundation is set forth in its Charter, as follows:

“Said corporation is formed for the purpose of soliciting and receiving charitable contributions, by bequest, devise, gift, or otherwise from individuals, corporations, associations, firms, and others; for the purpose of holding and investing such contributions in such manner as the donor may direct, and in the event no direction is given by the donor, then in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio governing the investment of institutional funds held by an organization that is organized and operated exclusively for educational, religious, or charitable purposes, excepting, however, testamentary trusts, the assets of which shall be invested in such manner as provided for by the laws of the State of Ohio governing investments by trustees; for the purpose of applying the principal and income thereof in such manner as the corporation shall deem best among philanthropies and charities which may come to its attention and which may receive its approval; and for such other purposes as are necessary and incident to the mental, moral, intellectual, and physical welfare and advancement of the citizens of Van Wert County, Ohio, and of such other geographical areas as may be directed by donor, including but not limited to stimulating, promoting, and support interest in, and fostering community appreciation of, the performing arts by sponsoring and providing facilities for the public performance of concerts, dance, theater, and other similar programs; and to do all things necessary or incident to be done in order to carry the foregoing charitable purposes into effect.”

To complement the Charter, the By-laws of The Foundation set forth as illustrative purposes any and all charitable, educational, cultural, and other needs that may be applicable to any community and flexibility is provided for changes as growth of civilization may indicate.


The membership consists of fifteen persons named in the Charter, or their successors. The term of one member expires each year and the vacancy is filled by the remaining members of The Foundation. The Constitution and By-Laws expressly provide that no member shall receive compensation for his services, except that an Executive Secretary may be a member of The Foundation and may be recompensed for his services.

The Foundation is administered by all members serving as Trustees. The Foundation has a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. No officer may succeed himself for more than two years. The Foundation operates through a committee procedure in which the members of The Foundation serve on various committees and make recommendations to The Foundation, but all actions are controlled by the entire Board of Trustees.