Wassenberg Art Center

There is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Likewise, it takes a village to create a community. This is our renaissance…and our time to shine. We have seen many changes in the past couple years with local improvements and renovations, and we have witnessed new ways to create an exciting destination spot. There is a beauty here, and it is time to share.  Through the Van Wert County Foundation and with a commitment for creative placemaking, we have launched a colorful corner that will turn heads.

The Wassenberg Art Center is a not for profit community art center which presents an average of 10 admission-free exhibits annually. We offer art classes, workshops, unique events and activities for adults and children throughout the year.

The Wassenberg Art Center and its mission continue today because of the Wassenberg Art Fund, The Van Wert County Foundation, community support, donations, and membership dues.

Wassenberg Art Fund

Established by CHARLES F. WASSENBERG (1875-1954)
Charles F. Wassenberg was born at Canal Dover, Ohio.  Most of his adult life was spent in Van Wert as a clothing merchant, and upon retirement became involved in the business of raising peonies and irises.

He was a charter member of The Van Wert County Foundation and remained a Trustee throughout his life.  He desired that this organization develops local art talent and promotes Van Wert as an art center.  To further this desire, he willed the bulk of his estate to The Van Wert County Foundation.

“Subject to the use and legacies in favor of my sister, Mae Wassenberg and my wife, Vera Wassenberg, I direct that the income from my estate shall be used to encourage the study of art, sculpture, and architecture and to interest pupils in such professions.”

Charles Wassenberg
Charles and Vera Wassenberg