A New Chapter for Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation

With gratitude and optimism, we announce the upcoming departure of Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation’s Executive Director, Tafi Stober. For over a decade, Tafi has been an instrumental figure in advancing the Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation’s vision and mission. Under her leadership, Van Wert Live and the Niswonger Performing Arts Center have blossomed, and the creative economy of Van Wert has seen remarkable growth. We are indebted to Tafi for her tireless commitment, innovative vision, and passion that has left an indelible mark on our community’s cultural landscape.

While change is inevitable in growth, we understand the concerns and uncertainty that can come with community leadership transitions. We want to assure our stakeholders, partners, and the community that we’re taking deliberate steps to ensure continuity, progress, and a seamless transition that honors the legacy Tafi has built.

Tafi’s dedication remains unwavering; she will provide active support through December 22, 2023. Through this period, we will work to identify and onboard a successor who embodies the spirit and vision of the Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation. As we embark on this new chapter, we’re optimistic about the future and excited about fresh perspectives and opportunities.

Our mission remains steadfast: to transform the quality of life in Van Wert by inspiring, fulfilling and supporting philanthropy. We are committed to our projects, partners, and, most importantly, the community we are privileged to serve.

For inquiries or further clarification, we welcome open dialogue. We appreciate the support and trust our community has placed in us as we continue to make Van Wert shine even brighter.

— The Van Wert County Foundation

Click here to view Tafi’s official letter of resignation.


Tafi has decided to move on after dedicating over a decade to our organization. While her decision is personal, she believes it’s time for a fresh vision to guide the Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation’s next chapter. She remains committed to helping ensure a smooth transition.

We are compiling a structured plan, including interim leadership, to ensure continuity in operations and ongoing projects. Further details will be shared soon.

All active projects and initiatives will continue as planned. We are committed to seamless transitions without disrupting our scheduled events or programs.

We continuously assess our organizational structure to serve our community best. While transitions can occur in any dynamic organization, we focus on stability and delivering on our commitments.

Tafi will provide insights and support during the transition period, ensuring that her successor can build on the foundation she has set.

Transitions are a natural part of any organization’s growth. Our mission remains unchanged: to transform quality of life by inspiring, fulfilling and supporting philanthropy.

We value open dialogue. Stakeholders and community members can contact our communication channels. We will be proactive in keeping our community updated.

Regular updates will be shared via our official website, social media, and other communication channels. We encourage our stakeholders and community to stay connected with us.

Our core mission and strategies remain steadfast. While leadership transitions can bring fresh perspectives, our commitment to our community, projects, and partners will not waver.

The Foundation actively works to provide leadership support, seeking external consultation for organizational strengthening and ramping up team-building initiatives to ensure stability and trust within our teams.