The Van Wert County Foundation (VWCF) intends to give $150,000 in support of the Van Wert County Humane Society’s Building Project. The Van Wert County Foundation administers the 2021 grant support provided by The Associated Charities Fund, The Flickinger Memorial Trust, and The James A. & Minnie C. Kesler Memorial Fund.

The Humane Society is building a new 3,000 square-foot shelter at 480 Fox Road, Van Wert.  The shelter will have modern HVAC and ventilation systems, sealed concrete floors, dog kennels with indoor/outdoor access, open roam areas for cats and separate medical isolation areas for dogs and cats. These are lacking at its current location at 309 Bonnewitz Ave., Van Wert. The current site was a dog pound, where dogs were housed for three days then euthanized if not reclaimed by the owner. It is not functional to house animals for lengthier stays.  The space is limited; dogs and cats kennel in the same large area with no access to fresh air and the outdoors. The new shelter will provide a safe haven for stray, homeless, neglected, and abused companion animals in our community.

The Van Wert County Humane Society makes every attempt to save, shelter, reunite, adopt, improve animal health and educate the public.  They help the community by assisting people who can no longer care for their pets due to economic hardship, illness, or death, by providing a means for surrendering their animals to the shelter and finding new homes.  They advocate strongly on behalf of animal cruelty cases. They seek to stem the tide of unwanted animals in our county by advocating for spay/neuter; cooperating with the county, state, and national rescues; and partnering with local veterinarians. They support our dog warden’s efforts to remove stray, diseased & aggressive animals from our streets.

Pictured here are VWCF Staff & Board of Trustee Members with Board & Staff of the Van Wert County Humane Society – along with current and past shelter animals.